SC C1 System Development and Economics

To Facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of System Development and Economics. To add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesizing state-of-the- art practices and developing recommendations.


  • Planning for rapid development, uncertain generation and desired reliability (newly and rapidly developing countries, system performance, contingency planning, mass penetration of renewables, a greenfield approach)
  • Investment drivers, decision processes and tools (investment drivers, planning criteria, grid codes and the role of new technology, new investment decision processes, new tools and methods for increasing uncertainty)
  • Asset management practices including risk assessment now and in the future (risk management, broad trends and practices, new solutions for changing power system designs)
  • Methods and tools for static and dynamic analysis

Homayoun Berahmandpour (NIROO Research Institute)

Rahim Zeinali (Monenco Iran)


Working Groups 

C1.39: Optimal Power System Planning under Growing Uncertainty 

Convener: Dr. Pooriya Maghooli 


C1.35: Global Electricity Network Feasibility Study 

Convener: Mona Ranjbar 


C1.12: The Impact of Transmission Code on the Planning of System

Convener: Maryam Mohammadi 


C1.12: The Future of Reliability “Definition of Reliability in Light of New Developments in Various Devices and Services which Offer Customers and System Operators New Levels of Flexibility"

Convener: Dr. Amir Moshari 


C1.N1: Power Quality Study, Measuring, Evaluation and Strategies

Convener: Ahmad Esmaeili 


Task Force 1: The Effect of Price Elasticity of Electricity Demand on the Rate of Demand Growth

Convener: Mr. Masoud Hojjat  

Task Force 2: Exploring the Shape of  Load Duration Curve in Future due to Change in Electricity Demand Pattern and New Technologies in both Supply and Demand sides 

Convener: Dr. Salimi niyay 

Annual Reports

Annual Program