The main targets and activities of CIGRE-Iran are concentrated on the exchange of knowledge, best practices and experiences to optimize the operation of the power system and its development in the future as described below:
• Contributes in development of research on high-voltage electrical systems
• Facilitates access to the publications and research results
• Improves the level of technology of domestic manufacturers and compliance with international standards
• Organizes the Technical Committees in various fields of electric power industry
• Provides suitable platform to familiarize with international competitions and develop the international markets
• Holds international conferences


CIGRE -IRAN’s mission is to increase involvement of Iranian members in CIGRE and to promote CIGRE in Iran. This is done by:
• Organizing representation of Iran in CIGRE Session and Symposia
• Proposing papers to CIGRE Sessions and international & national meetings
• Organizing Technical Committees in Iran and establishing communication with Study Committees of CIGRE
• Informing CIGRE-Iran members of activities of CIGRE

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