Objectives & Mission

The main objectives of CIGRE-IRAN are:

  • Enable engineers and specialists from around the world to exchange information and improve their level of knowledge of the power system.
  • Make available the results of CIGRE Iran for decision-makers of Electric Power Industry.
  • To facilitate publication of research results.
  • To organize Technical Committees in various fields of electric power industry.
  • To cooperate in holding international conference.


 CIGRE-IRAN’s mission is to increase involvement of Iranian members in CIGRE and to promote CIGRE in Iran. This is done by:

  • Organizing representation of Iran in CIGRE Session and Sympsia.
  • Selecting papers for international and national meetings
  • Proposing papers for presentation in the Session.
  • Helping the creation of Technical Committees in Iran who will work with Study Committees of CIGRE.
  • Informing its members of activities of Study Committees