SC B2 Overhead Lines

To Facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of Overhead Lines. To add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesizing state-of-the- art practices and developing recommendations.

The field of activities of Study Committee B2 covers:

  • the design
  • the construction
  • the operation of overhead lines
  • including the mechanical and electrical design of line components (conductors, ground wires, insulators, accessories, structures and their foundations),
  • the validation tests,
  • the study of in service performance,
  • the assessment of the state of line components and elements,
  • the maintenance,
  • the refurbishment and life extension as well as upgrading and uprating of overhead lines.

The output of the deliberations and actions would enable quality, capability, availability, maintainability, and the ability to raise capital and insurance to be realized.

Dr. Mohsen Pourrafie Arabani (Namdaran Transmission consulting eng. Companey)

Masoud Abdolhosseinpour ( Monenco Iran)


Mohsen Arabani

Masoud Abdolhosseinpour

Zaman Hosseini

Ghelichi Faramarz

Ahmad Dorafshan

Parviz Eslamzadeh

Majid Rezaei

Majid Roostaei

Hasan Bakhshi

Bijan Babaeinejad

Naser Yazdabadi

Davoud Khodadadegan

Sirous Eghlimi

Mohammadreza Ghasemi

Working Groups 

JWG: B2.57 / B2.71

WG B2.57 : Survey of operational Composite Insulator Experience and Application Guide for Composite Insulators

WG B2.71 : Recommendations for Interphase Spacers of Overhead Lines

Convener: Mr. Ghasemi 


WG: B2.62 / B2.63

WG B2.62 : Design of Compact HVDC Overhead Lines

WG B2.63 : Compact AC Transmission Lines

Convener: Mr. bakhshi 


WG: B2.68

WG B2.68 : Sustainability of OHL conductors and fittings–Conductor condition assessment and life extension

Convener: Mr. Eghlimi 


WG: B2.69

WG B2.69 : Coatings for Power Network Equipment

Convener: Mr. Rezaei 

Annual Reports

Annual Program