Major activities of CIGRE-Iran are as below:

  • Holds national conferences to be participated by international companies
  • Coordinates for sending Iranian participants in CIGRE Session in Paris or other Symposia
  • Distributes the Call For Paper of CIGRE to all organizations, research centers, universities and selected utilities as well as electric consulting engineers
  • Provides technical brochures and papers of CIGRE for students and technical institutes upon their request
  • Facilitates membership payment for Iranian members to CIGRE
  • Organizes local conferences and meetings, where the Iranian scientists and engineers present technical articles and papers and discuss on problems and issues of electric power industry
  • Holds Technical Committees meetings every two months, where committee members present and discuss on last innovation, technologies and standards related to committees’ activities. Presently 4 Technical Committees are active which CIGRE-Iran members and experts are involved in these committees