SC C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation

To Facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of electricity markets and regulation. To add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesizing state-of-the- art practices and developing recommendations.

The C5 scope is to analyze market approaches and solutions and their impact on the electric industry in support of regulators, traders, technology innovators and Independent Power producers as well as the traditional economists, planners and operators within the industry. The scope areas include:

  • Consequences of regulatory changes for the electric power sector
  • Regulatory incentives for investment
  • System implications of new generation technologies
  • Markets design’s impact on transmission system operation
  • Market design for integration of intermittent generation
  • Market Structures and Products (Market design; Physical / Financial markets and interaction; isolated and interconnected systems)
  • Market Approaches and Tools (Demand / Price forecasting; Financial risk management; Demand Management and active customer integration
  • Regulations (Regulatory objectives; Regulatory approaches; Transmission pricing; Ancillary Service pricing; Reliability and Economics)

Habib Gharegozloo (Iran Grid Management Co.)

Monazzah Ebrahimi (Monenco Iran)


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